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"I don't wear anything but Helo's. They really are the best!!" Matt S.
"Love the fit ,style and fabric. Awesome under my board shorts. Great company to do business with..thanks Hēlo" Frank M.
"Fit nice, feel real good. Super fast shipping. Very happy with my helos" Francis C.
"Love the shorts!" Richard F.
"Awesome dry super fast if it is hot and warm. Can take a little bit longer if it's cloudy or chilly out. I highly recommend these so much better than the other compression shorts. Wish I would have found these sooner! Fast shipping and size chart was spot on!" Steve C.
"Love them and wear nothing else." Joel H.
"Comfortable, quick dry and help from my junk getting cracked during those certain crashes on the wakeboard" Mark M.
"Used these shorts under my quick dry bathing suit and I have used so many types to bare under shorts and this company has figured out how to make a shirt that dries as quick as anything can dry under conditions. Best thing for me was zero rash on someone that rashes and pushes through it due to love being active." Scott B.
"Excellent for paddle and training! These are being worn for outrigger paddle and land training. As all watermen and women know, salt water and repetitive motion can chaf, rub and is not fun. These shorts are awesome. First wear we paddled 20 miles, no issue with seams or at waistband. Super stoked to support not only a small company but a US company. I will be spreading the word in SoCal about you guys!" Kas M.
"My husband recently told me he’d like some more of those ‘Helo’ things because they’re the only underwear that feels comfortable in all of the right places. Not too hot, not too cold, not too tight, you get the idea. We’ve tried other brands like Under Armour that seem the same, but he swears there is a difference. He wears them for everything —playing volleyball, teaching, his part-time carpet cleaning business, hunting, running — everything. Thank you, Helo!!" Laurie H.

"The process of buying from the US was efficient and easy. Customs duty was the only issue but that is not in the control of Helo. I would buy from them again." Charles L.

"The hear shorts are well crafted and are very comfortable! They feel better than Under Armour's! I just wish Helo would introduce more colors/designs." Eric C.

"Very comfortable! Wore these recently on a kayak outing. Really comfortable to wear with my quick dry shorts. More comfortable than regular underwear and they did dry quickly. Plus easy to walk around with them soaked as our kayak overturned near the shore. You know how regular underwear can be when wet. Very good product." Clint C.

"No more rash! My son gets a terrible rash under his swim suit, with Helo's that no longer happens!" Janalyne L.

"My son loves them. They are just as described. We bought them for my son when we go to the beach hoping they will dry faster than typical underwear. Haven't made our trip to the beach yet, but he wears them to the pool all the time and loves them." Deborah T.

"I wear board shorts all summer, and always have dealt with wet compression shorts. Used these once and I am hooked. I will definitely purchase more." Darwin T.

"A must have. This is my third pair, i wear them under my board shorts and can hardly tell I have them on. They dry out really fast." Todd H.

"Bought two last year for Hawaii trip to wear under board shorts and loved them so much I just bought 4 more for every day use! Feels like you are not wearing anything they are so comfortable." David M.

"A+ Love them! Use in my daily wods . Comfortable and not restrictive . Will buy more." Barry P.

"These are the most comfy pair of spandex I have used athletically. Most spandex I have worn either get stretched out during play, or won't stay up on my legs. Helo is the best for support and comfort -- especially with the mesh!" -Steven Brooks Major League Lacrosse All-Star
"I purchased a pair of Helos for a surf trip to Costa Rica. I've been wearing them all day every day for the past 5 days and wanted to congratulate you guys on an amazing product. Zero chafing and total comfort all day long: the best 30 bucks I spent all trip."
- New York, NY
"The Helo shorts are great when I'm riding my bike. I can't wait to wear them under my wetsuit while I'm surfing this winter."
- Lake Jackson, TX
"I just got my pair of Helo shorts and found them excellent for the surf scene. They dry out quickly after getting wet, and, keep me high and dry all day. Hang Ten!!!"
- Newport Beach, CA
“I've been looking for something to wear under my boardshorts for a few years now, and haven’t found anything that works until I bought a pair of Helo shorts. They dried out faster than anything I’ve used in the past, and are comfortable!”
- Charleston, SC
“The shipping was great and hassle free, just like the rest of the transaction. I would definitely do business with Helo again.”
- East Lansing, MI
“I’ve tried using other performance underwear in the past, but they never dried out fast enough; this is where Helo really shines.”
- Akron, OH
"I haven't found anything more comfortable to wear than your Helo shorts. Whether I'm working out, swimming, or just spending the day at the beach, I have to have my Helo shorts. I've tried many other brands in the past, but I don't think anything compares. Once I find a product that I like, I will stick to it and return to purchase again, and I thank you for the great product!"
- Norfolk, NE
"I bought a pair of the shorts and just went on a long run with them today - they are amazing for running! I think I finally found my cure to runners' rash. I'm really impressed with the product, and will definitely be telling my friends about them."
- Minneapolis, MN
"The Helo shorts are working great! I could actually use some more because I like wearing them so much! They are super ideal for under a wetsuit too -- getting cold up here in Michigan, but with a wetsuit it's not even bad; I love how they fit and feel under my wetsuit -- could not ask for anything better!"

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