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How can I get any questions answered?
Email customerservice@heloclothes.com and we generally answer within the hour!

What size of Hēlo shorts should I purchase?
Waist Size 29"-31" = small
Waist Size 31"-33" = medium
Waist Size 34"-37" = large
Waist Size 38"-43" = extra large


Where are Hēlo shorts made?
Our shorts are sewn in the USA. We use as much American made material as possible, but due to limitations we do source portions of the short from overseas.


Where can I buy Hēlo shorts?

Currently the best place to purchase Hēlo shorts for most people from the website. In Chicago you can find our shorts at most Fitness Formula Club retail locations. In Michigan, you can find our shorts at Glik's throughout the state, as well as Don Orr BeachHaus in Traverse City. We are also at St. Croix Scuba in Fredericksburg St. Croix.


What are Hēlo shorts made out of?

Hēlo shorts are made from two key materials. The body material is a recycled 79% recycled polyester (PET) and 21% spandex. The mesh is made from a nylon spandex blend.


What is recycled PET?

PET is a plastic that’s used in all kinds of products including soda and water bottles. The great thing about this material is that it’s recyclable. Used PET products are collected, crushed, shredded, and then refined into tiny flakes. These flakes are transformed into the raw materials that are then ready to be made into textiles. Two-thirds less energy is required to manufacture products made out of recyclable plastic. Plus it takes pressure off the landfills; is that sustainable or what?


How long will shipping take?

Shipping is through USPS and will take 2-7 days. Orders will be processed and shipped within two business days.  If you have a rush need for Hēlo shorts email us at customerservice@heloclothes.com and we will gladly work out expedited shipping.


I'm a retailer and interested in carrying Hēlo products, who do I contact?
Please send your contact information to customerservice@heloclothes.com and a representative will contact you.


I'd like to return or exchange - what do I do?

Send any returns/exchanges to:
15491 Creekside Ln
Osseo, MN 55369 
Let us know what size you would like to exchange for and we will immediately ship you another pair.


If you have any additional questions, please send in an email to: customerservice@heloclothes.com

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