No Cabin in Cabin Country?

August 29, 2016

It seems like most people in Minnesota have cabins.  This is especially true if they were born here.  If they were born here and don't have a cabin, then it's a guarantee that someone in their family or a close friend has a cabin.

So for transplants to the state like my wife and I, summer poses an interesting challenge.  What do we do when all our friends vanish to their cabins?

Luckily, we are pretty social people and have made friends with "a place up north".  We can count on getting invited to a cottage at least two times throughout the summer.  But what to do the rest of the weekends? Here's how we have filled out our summer nights:

  • Renting canoes and SUP's at local lakes
  • Fishing from shore
  • Getting involved in 21 day fix workouts
  • Appreciating some of the local wineries
  • Hiking
  • Cycling
  • Tennis at some local courts
  • Concerts
  • Street Parties and Festivals
  • Driving range and golfing
  • Getting hooked on Netflix's Stranger Things
  • Hit the beach

Long story short, it's possible to survive without a cabin when all your friends have them.

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