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What Are Board Shorts?

January 31, 2015 1 Comment

Board shorts are a popular style of swim suit that boys and men wear. They were originally designed for surfers and were made from a thick canvas material. Their original purpose was to protect a surfer’s skin from rubbing against the surfboard when getting up to catch a wave. Surfboards are covered with a layer of sticky wax to help a surfer’s feet grip the board. This wax can pull out a surfer’s leg hair. The boardshorts can help prevent this from happening.

Custom Boardshorts


Defining features of boardshorts include:

  • They don’t have a liner
  • They are often made out of quick drying material
  • They don’t have an elastic waist band
  • They often have a lace up system combined with a Velcro or neoprene fly to prevent them from being pulled off after a surf crash.

Boardshorts normally fit baggy or loosely to allow for unencumbered movement while surfing or taking part in other water-sports.

Over the past several years boardshorts are being made out of recycled polyester materials which absorb minimal moisture (similar to the Helo short material) while still allowing for four-way stretch properties.  They are also made from polyester and nylon. Flat seam stitching in the shorts prevents them from rubbing and chaffing against the inner thigh.

There are thousands of designs of boardshorts ranging from floral and geometric patterns to solid colors. Boardshorts are big business and contribute to a large portion of the $7.29 billion surf industry. http://www.statisticbrain.com/surfing-statistics/

Boardshorts are also worn for every day activities in place of traditional shorts or athletic shorts. Many mixed martial arts fighters also choose to fight wearing boardshorts.

Some female surfers also wear board shorts

Popular boardshort brands include:

Rip Curl


Killer Dana



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February 19, 2016

Men’s should check this out, I never of thought these could be possible until I found your blog. This is something I can definitely use for my next travel!

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