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Cayman Island Trip

October 28, 2014

What’s better than taking a trip to the Cayman Islands? Having a best friend that lives in the Cayman Islands who let’s you crash at his place and shows you everything to do!


We took recently to a trip to the Caymans after a little (very little) persuasion by my friend to come visit. We found a great price for a flight on Kayak and pulled the trigger.


My friend is an accountant who was working in Detroit when he came across an opportunity to get into an audit gig based in the Caymans. When weighing the options between living in the shell of a city known as Detroit and a tropical paradise, he packed his bags and headed south.


He picked us up from the airport and dropped us off at the condo he was renting on 7-mile beach. He had told me that he lived on the ocean, but I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. When we arrived I soon found out he wasn’t exaggerating. The sliding glass back door was all that separated us from the sandy beach and aquamarine ocean.


He had to work the first two days that we were down there, but he showed us where his snorkel gear was, and said we’d see fish if we swam 10 yards off shore. I strapped on my fins, adjusted my snorkel and waded out. Fish started appearing after a couple kicks of my fins. A few strokes later and a whole new world appeared beneath me. The coral here wasn’t fantastic, but the sea life was definitely some of the best I have seen. Tons of reef dwelling fish as well as a couple larger fish like groupers. The groupers were pretty friendly – almost like sea puppies.


A couple other spots that we snorkeled were:


Eden Rock – this would be a phenomenal dives site, but I’m not certified so we snorkeled it instead. There is a good size drop here about 100 yards out which housed larger fish like packs of barracuda. This place is a must see.


Cemetery Beach – we literally walked through a cemetery to get to this beach which is home to a really neat snorkel spot. There are scattered corals 100-200 yards off shore about 10-20ft in depth. It was really fun to swim along in a sandy desert and come across a coral that houses a “city” of fish. The cemetery aspect added to the mystique.


Trip Highlights:


Pirate Festival - We timed the trip so we arrived on the second weekend of the pirate festival. There were tons of people dressed up as pirates, and drinking heavily – it was a good time! They also had a great fireworks display each night of the weekend.


Booze Cruise/Stingray Bay/Starfish Point – one of my friend’s buddies was celebrating a birthday and rented out a party yacht for a booze cruise which took us to stingray bay and starfish point. Stingray bay is a must see. It’s a shallow spot in the ocean (3-4ft) where all the stingrays congregate. You can pick them up as they swim by, pet them, and feed them. It’s an amazing experience. Starfish point was neat as well, there are some starfish that you can see. The captain was telling us that in the last few years the starfish population had really declined in this area, which is sad – but it was still neat to see the starfish that were left. The only bad part of the trip happened at starfish point, jellyfish stung several people including myself.


          Stingray Bay Cayman Islands             Stingray Bay Cayman Islands

Jake and Brilo the Accountant

Moon Halo – we were partying at a beach bar and noticed that the moon had an incredible halo around it. I had never seen this before and it was something I’ll always remember about the trip.

 Moon Halo

All in all the Caymans were probably my favorite island I’ve traveled to in the Caribbean.  The ocean life was vibrant, the food was good, it was easy to navigate, and the people were nice. If I could line up a job down there I would love to spend a couple years in that part of the world.


If you have any questions about my experience, or the things we did, shoot me an email at jake.howison@heloclothes.com or submit a your question at www.heloclothes.com.

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