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5 Reasons to Wear Helo Shorts Under Boardshorts

March 27, 2014

Below are the top 5 reasons that you should wear Helo shorts under your boardshorts.

1) Helo shorts dry out FAST.  Helo's are made from the same material that many top end boardshorts are made from.  It doesn't make sense to spend your money on high performance boardshorts, and wear your standard underwear with it.  The rPET material in Helo shorts helps shed water while still wicking moisture away from your skin.

2) Helo shorts provide support.  Have you ever been surfing, kiting, or boarding and taken a hard fall without proper support?  It's every man's worst fear.  The clacking of his huevos.  The initial pain, followed by even worse pain.  It leaves you with a pit in your stomach (literally).  Helo shorts keep everything where it should be, during the worst wipeouts.

3) Commando and boardshorts is a no go.  Helo shorts under boardshorts is a must.  You want to chill at the beach/pool/dock after a day of fun right?  You don't want to be worried about what is hanging out, or showing through your boardshorts. Unleash the kraken somewhere else.  Stay covered with Helo shorts.

4) Helo shorts under boardshorts make changing a breeze.  The same goes for wet suits too. Changing in the parking lot can be a pain, but Helo's make it easy.  They provide enough cover to change in public. Go right for boardshorts to your street clothes.

5) Helo shorts aren't just for wearing under boardshorts.  Most of our customers buy Helo's to wear under their boardshorts, but once they get them on their other compression shorts start collecting dust. Helo's are great for any athletic activity.

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Bonus Fact: They are made in the USA

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