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What Are Compression Shorts For?

February 25, 2014

Where did compression shorts come from and what’s the point?  It seems like for the past 10 years compression shorts have exploded onto the market.  Jock straps have been replaced (thank God) with compression technology that was once reserved for old people with poor blood flow.  Athletes of all sports have gravitated to wearing compression shorts.


One reason is performance.  Compression shorts, by nature compress muscles.  There have been several scientific studies that support the fact that compressing muscles helps improve blood flow, driving more oxygen to the muscle resulting in better muscle output.  I haven’t noticed that I can jump higher or run faster when wearing compression shorts versus other underwear, but I do know I’m more comfortable working out in compression shorts.


Comfort is a huge reason people wear compression shorts.  They help keep everything in place, so that you can focus on the task at hand instead of what’s going on below your belt.  I’m going to insert my “shameless plug” for Helo shorts here.  A lot of compression shorts are uncomfortable after an hour or two.  Helo shorts have been designed with comfort in mind, and can be worn all day long.  They combine the benefits of compression without sacrificing the comfort of standard underwear.  Made from a buttery soft material you’ll forget you have them on.  Sweaty or wet? That’s wear Helo shorts shine.


Moisture wicking is main benefit to compressions shorts.  What exactly is moisture wicking and how does it work?  A moisture wicking fabric is able to draw moisture away from the skin and transport it to the outer layer of the material where it evaporates. It accomplishes this by using a fabric with thinner filaments against your skin and thicker filaments on the outer layer of the material.  The thicker filaments draw the moisture through the thin filaments (and off of your skin), which helps you dry out faster.  Helo shorts utilize this technology and have the added benefit of being made from a material that retains less overall moisture.

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