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Who Needs a Gym Membership?

January 19, 2014

Who Needs a Gym Membership?

By: Scott Abramouski


It is human nature when dissecting our inner characteristics to want to be apart of something. Whether it is a circle of close-knit friends, the nearest health club, or maybe a successful sports team, no matter the group we strive to be in it. Sure health is a driving force that should be the biggest concern on most of our minds, but we have tunnel vision in how we react.

Once we want something, we then diverge a plan to find the easiest path to our goal. Buying of infomercials, or being sucked in to fad diets just to do a “little-less.” There is more merit than ever to the phrase, “If it was easy, everyone would do it.”

With all sort of gyms popping up around the country from typical box gyms, to yoga studious, and to the ever so popular CrossFit, we place a large emphasis on where we purchase our gym memberships. This tunnel vision blocks out the fact that we all belong to the world largest gym.



It is summer time all over the country and what better way then to get outside and participate in some sort of active play. Stop stressing about all the workout plans on bogus DVDs and what rice you should be consuming and just GET MOVING! Play frisbee or go wake boarding (in Helo’s). We are able to be surround with an enormous jungle gym with equipment all around us. There is no need to always be surround by expensive exercise equipment, find thing in nature and use them as your tools!

Pick up a heavy rock and carry it for a far distance and let me know if you are breathing hard yet.

Do pull-ups from a tree branch and tell me if your grip strength is what you thought.

What ever happened to push-ups?

My challenge to you is to get outside. Enjoy the weather and participate in something healthy for self. Do what are bodies are meant to do, and MOVE.

Getting a nice tan doesn’t hurt either.

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