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Quicksilver Men’s Washboard Amphibian Short Review

January 19, 2014

We recently tested a pair of Quicksilver’s amphibian shorts. If you haven’t heard of amphibians before, don’t feel left out – they are relatively new on the scene. They’re basically a short that can function as a standard pair of shorts or as a boardshort.

Most boardshorts lack enough pockets to store important things like keys, wallet and your iphone. This is wear amphibians are great. Quicksilver’s washboards not only have left and right front pockets, but they have a back pocket as well.

I put mine to the test over a week down in the Dominican Republic. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wear them literally every day. They were perfect for day long excursions where I was hiking, but also doing ocean activities. They are made out of a poly/spandex blend which gives them a little stretch and also helps them dry out quickly.

Helo shorts are the underwear to sport under amphibians. Otherwise what’s the point of having a quick drying amphibian short if your underwear stays wet for hours.

Helo’s and amphibians are the one-two punch to ensure a comfortable time all day long. Two thumbs up to the Quicksilver Washboard Amphibian short.

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