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How to Get Up Wakeboarding

January 19, 2014

Congratulations if you’re reading this, then you’re thinking about embarking on one of the most fun sports around… wakeboarding! Once you get up, you’ll be hooked on it guaranteed. I have been wakeboarding for about 15 years now and I still can’t get enough. I want to share some tips with you that will help you get up out of the water and hitting the wake in no time. 

A large part of getting up actually has to do with the driver. Pulling up a wakeboarder is a LOT different than getting a skier up. It’s important for the driver to start slow and gradually increase to a speed that you’re comfortable at (around 16 miles for a beginner is usually perfect). 

Now that we have the driver part down, it’s important for the other half of the equation… the rider! Do you know what foot goes in the front and which one goes in the back? Here are a couple easy tricks to figure it out. Stand with your feet together and have someone shove you. What foot did you catch yourself with? That foot will be the one that goes behind when you ride. If your right foot is behind that means you are “regular” if your left foot is behind then you’re “goofy”. Here’s another trick. Go kick a ball. Whatever foot you kicked with is your behind foot. 

Strap on the board and hop in the water. You want to get in a crouching position with the board perpendicular to the direction the boat is heading. Hang onto the handle with both hands, and the rope coming over the top of the board resting between your legs. When the boat starts moving, you will feel the board start to rise up from the water pressure. When you feel this happening, you want to simultaneously fully stand up and turn 90o so that your dominant foot is in the back and you are now in a riding position. And that’s getting up 101! 

Some mistakes that most people usually make are: 

  • Trying to stand up too early. 

  • Not turning the board 90o and catching an edge/falling. 

  • Having the driver take off too fast ripping the handle out of your hands.

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