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Lollapalooza 2k11

January 19, 2014

For the past several summers, the first weekend in August has meant something special for the city of Chicago. Lollapalooza 2011 took place last weekend over the 115 acres of land just off of Lake Michigan called Grant Park. Thousands upon thousands of concert-goers flooded the Windy City to rock out with over 130 of their favorite bands and artists. 

This year the head-liners consisted of Eminem, Foo Fighters, Deadmau5, Coldplay, and Muse. A lot of attention was also given to Perry’s DJ stage. One of the highlights of the weekend was Afrojake who absolutely killed it Friday night with his set. 

Lollapalooza spans the entire weekend rain or shine. This year the fans dredged through the rain, mud, and blistering sun to escape the normal stadium style concerts that most are accustomed too. I went with a big group of my friends in which all of the guys own a pair of Helos. Our shorts couldn’t have been more helpful for weathering the storm of this epic weekend! It was a group consensus that our legs were remained un-chaffed, our “hot-zones” cooled, and our regular shorts dry (until the monsoon-like rains showed up). I have been trying out my Helos for just about any activity that I can think of lately and this was one that I will certainly not overlook in the future. 

I’m really looking to next year’s Lolla weekend am throwing out these suggestions for everyone: 

  • Buy your 3-day pass the day the “early-bird tickets” go on sale. 

  • Wear Helo shorts under your mesh or khaki shorts… cargo pants are still not ok! 

  • Drink plenty of water. 

  • Download the Lollapalooza app for your Smartphone. 

  • Don’t go out after the show if you want to enjoy all three days to the max. 

  • Find a friend that works the beer tent. 

  • Spend your days at Perry’s DJ tent and your nights catching the headliners. 

  • Expect to get separated from your group – be ready to make new friends. 

  • Bring a zip-lock bag if the weather calls for rain – it will save your phone

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