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About Mike

January 19, 2014

Hello all! Jake and I wanted to shed a little light on ourselves and the company we brought to life. We feel that our customers and apparel community are extremely important to us and we want you to feel comfortable with us and our product. We put ourselves and our resources on the line to bring Helo Clothes to market and we want you to know that we have your back!

I too am in my mid-twenties and a product of Michigan State University. I met Jake, our founder, in at MSU. We had all of the same business courses together where we discovered a friendship and a good working business partnership. Upon graduation I moved to Chicago where I currently work for a major IT reseller. I have always been big on working out, running, staying active and having a good time in the sun. Often times, fashion comes before comfort but I am not a firm believer in that mindset. This is why I felt so compelled to join forces with Jake with his idea for Helo shorts. I knew that this opportunity to work with someone so motivated and to be co-owner of a company was a once in a life-time opportunity. I remember the first time Jake told me about his idea for Helo. I instantly knew I wanted to be part of the creation of this product and company. Living right on Lake Michigan, I spend many weekends on North Avenue Beach in the sun and in the water. Like many others, I previously wore regular boxer-briefs under my board shorts and it always seemed to turn up problematic – no need to dive into the details here. I am astonished with how well Helo has done since our product launch in January of 2011. I can’t thank all of our customers enough. Without you, there wouldn’t be Helo. As Jake stands behind our shorts, he isn’t alone.

Please, don’t think that you only need to wear our shorts under board shorts. Try them however you see fit. The uses are endless and we are always hearing a new way that our shorts helped someone stay comfortable and dry. I personally wear them under my mesh shorts when I work out and run. If you have a creative way of using our shorts or any other type of feedback, WE WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT! Send us pictures, ideas, comments etc. to customerservice@heloclothes.com or call 347-770-4356.

Best Regards,


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