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25 Uses for Hēlo Shorts

January 19, 2014

We originally designed Helo shorts for using with water sports, but our customers have been writing us saying they use them for all kinds of athletics. If you have found another use for your Helo shorts please let us know! Below are some of the uses that our customers have found! 

  1. Wakeboarding

  2. Surfing

  3. Swimming

  4. Hanging at the Pool

  5. Hanging at the Beach

  6. Kayaking

  7. Canoeing

  8. Tubing

  9. Waterskiing

  10. Kiteboarding

  11. Lifting Weights

  12. Triathlons

  13. Cycling

  14. Marathons

  15. Lacrosse

  16. Hockey

  17. Soccer

  18. Hunting

  19. Rowing

  20. Football

  21. Cross Training

  22. Yoga23. Golfing

  23. Tennis

  24. Boating

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