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10 Uses for Hēlo During Winter

January 19, 2014

Unless you have the luxury of living close to the equator, it’s that wonderful time of year again called winter. It’s one of those love/hate things where it’s nice to have a change in seasons but the brutal weather is just impossible to bear. Even though you may not be able to hit the beach, there are still ways in which you may use your Helos in the off-season. Just for fun, we recently came up with a list of the ten things to do in the winter to avoid going crazy from Cabin Fever. Share your ideas and stories with us and we’d love to get this list much longer to help everyone at least find something fun to do instead of playing video games! 

  1. Dog sledding – if you think you’re daring enough to brave the cold

  2. Building snow forts – you know you want to…

  3. Snowmobiling – no, you don’t have to be on X-games to do this

  4. Snowboarding/Skiing – hit the slopes!

  5. Working out at the gym – time to get that six pack started for the summer months.. it should at least take that long right?!

  6. Ice Skating – most cities have a free rink somewhere

  7. Cross Country Skiing – if you forgot your cardio at the gym

  8. Learn how to play an instrument

  9. Find an extremely odd hobby to take up

  10. Go on a trip somewhere really warm

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