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Spring Break Facts You Didn't Know

January 19, 2014

It’s that magical time of the year again – that time when high schoolers and college students get to take a break from classes and head south. Yes we are approaching that epic week when you get to escape the everyday grind, and the cold winter nights. Below are some spring break facts to help you get through the next few weeks until you set foot in the airport and head to the beach.

  • Spring break actually began in 1938 when Ft. Lauderdale hosted the college coaches’ swim forum. 300 swimmers and their respective student bodies attended this inaugural year.

  • About 2.1 million college students participated in spring break festivities during 2010 (it has grown a bit since ’38).

  • Panama City averages 500,000 student spring breakers. South Padre Island averages 150,000. Cancun Mexico averages 100,000.

  • 60% of students will have a run-in with a police officer.

  • Spring break is an estimated $1 billion per year industry.

  • In 2002 The American Medical Association declared that “Spring break is no longer an innocent respite from the rigors of college academics; it’s potentially life threatening.”

A big part of many people’s spring break is the party, just remember to be responsible and don’t become a statistic. For tips on how to have a good time yet remain safe, check out www.safespringbreak.org.

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