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Welcome to Hēlo

December 13, 2013

I’ll kick off the start of blogging by answering the classic 5 W’s that we all learned way back in elementary school. You know - Who, What, Where, When and last but not least, Why. For starters, let us introduce ourselves. The people that created and manage Helo (pronounced Hee-low) are probably just like you. We are an active group of people always on the hunt for the next adventure… and we use “adventure” loosely as it could account for an action-packed day on the beach or a crazy night out on the town with your friends.

The next question that might come to mind is - what does Helo even mean? The inspiration for the name came from Helios, the Greek god of the sun. We thought that would be a great way to tie our name to the use of our product. Let’s face it, we are a company that makes apparel to wear under the sun!

An increasingly important question that many of today’s companies are faced with deals with location. Helo is based out of three offices, one in Minneapolis, MN, one in Midland, MI and the other in Chicago, IL. That’s right, we are located in the same place we conduct business… here in the good ‘ole United States of America. Our product is assembled and distributed here in USA as well.

It’s our hope that eventually the Helo brand name and product offering will have nation-wide reach. Company location aside, Helo can be anywhere that people have a need for our product. The idea for Helo was developed on July 4, 2009. We have been working toward the company launch since that day.

By now you’re probably itching to know WHY Helo was created. There’s a pretty good description of this that can be located by visiting the “about” section of our website www.heloclothes.com, but in summary, Helo was created because we were sick of always wondering “what should I wear under my boardshorts”. We wanted something that dries out fast and leaves us comfortable, and that’s how we came up with our product.


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